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Alkhanay National Park

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One of the newest national parks of Russia, Alhanay National Park is situated on the territory of Aginsky Buryat Autonomous District (Okrug). The central part of the Park is mountainous terrain covered with birch/larch and coniferous forests. The southern sections of the Park are located at lower altitudes and consist primarily of steppe ecosystems. The diversity of habitats and altitudinal zonation allow for the presence of trees that are normally rare in Southeast Transbaikalia such as Siberian pine (cedar pine, Pinus sibirica), Pinus pumila and Siberian spruce-tree (Abies sibirica).

The cultural and religious aspects of the Park are equal in importance to the natural riches of Alhanay. The mountain is one of the most esteemed places among the local population and possesses many religious and historic locations connected to a history of the Buryat people. The territory encompassed by Alhanay Park is known for its perfect landscapes, the curative waters of its mountain creeks, and the trails used by religious pilgrims and travelers. Alhanay is one of the most visited places (pleasure and religious) for the people of Transbaikalia with tens of thousands of visitors during the summer season.

The National Park was created for the purpose of preserving valuable landscapes, natural monuments, monuments of history and culture, and flora and fauna. A primary goal is to encourage tourism with minimal impact on the natural landscape and ecosystems. Park officials (administration to rangers) are working hard to provide a friendly and well organized experience for the Park visitors, while minimizing impacts to the natural landscapes due to fires, trash accumulation, and destruction of the topsoil.

Alhanay: as part of the history of the Buryat people. A Buryat legend tells about a Balchzhin-hatun princess, who was given in marriage to a Mongolian feudal lord and moved with him and her people to Mongolia. When confronted with the hatred of their enemies, the Balchzhin-hatun princess decided to return home together with her husband and people. Near Alhanay Mountain, their enemies caught up with fugitives and killed the princess. While dying, the princess shouted "alhani" (They are killing); this became the name of the Mountain. The name Balchzhin-hatun is remembered in the name of a nearby lake, Balzinsky Lake, on whose shoreline she was buried. The Buryat people and their descendants have kept a tradition of reverence for Alhanay Mountain, where the history of the people was shaped and a national self-consciousness arose.

Alhanay National Park in the facts and figures:

Established in 1999.
Surface area: 138,2 thousand hectares.
Localization: Duldurginsky District of Aginsky Buryat Autonomous District (Okrug).
Highest summit: Alhanay Mountain – 1662 м above a sea level.
Two natural monuments are in the Park: the summit of Alhanay Mountain and the Temple-Gate Rock.

  One of the most esteemed places is the monument in memory of stay here of the leader of buddhist confession Dalai-Lama XIV

Sodbo Eshisambuev is the local expert of a history of Alhanay


  Temple-Gate Rock. Buddhists speak that this place hides an entrance in Shambala - mysterious country of ancient legends
The top of Alhanay is open to winds
  The Alhanay “obo” is a cult monument
Young lama
The gifts to a "host" of this place
Stone niche for prays
Alhanay water is considered salutary. A temperature in mountain creeks is near zero in any heat
Modern service
Plate tombs are one of riddles of transbaikalian steppes

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