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Ivano-Arakhleisky State Natural Landscape Reserve (Zakaznik)

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Ivano-Arakhleisky Reserve (Zakaznik) is located 70 kms from Chita city. This Zakaznik was created to protect the natural lake ecosystems associated with the most heavily utilized recreation area in the Chita Region. In one year this Natural Landscape Reserve was visited by more than 150 thousand people utilizing numerous camps for rest or a "wild" adventure. This Zakaznik protects and minimizes human impact on the land and lake waters, with a priority to prevent unauthorized construction and pollution of the lakes’ shorelines.

An excellent asphalt road connects Chita city to the Zakaznik crossing the Yablonovy Ridge.

Ivano-Arakhleisky Reserve (Zakaznik) in the facts and figures.

Established in 1993.
Surface area: 210 thousand hectares.
Localization: Chitinsky District of the Chita Region.
Basic natural assets: 6 large lakes, over 20 small lakes, a larch taiga, and birch and aspen forests.
Villages: Beklemishevo, Preobrazhenka, Arakhley, etc.
Land users: one agricultural enterprise and two timber enterprises.
Permissible activities: agriculture, amateur hunting and fishing.
Prohibited activities: industrial logging, trade hunting, accommodation of warehouses, application of pesticides, drainage of polluted water, and illegal dumping.
Special significance: this Zakaznik is part of the basin of Baikal Lake. In fact it is the most remote point of the Baikal basin.

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