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Maly Bator (Little Knight) Natural Monument

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Maly Bator (Little Knight), as well as Bolshoy Bator (Big Knight), which is located opposite the Little Knight, are picturesque hills situated above the Onon River, one of the largest rivers of Transbaikalia. The river valley section of the Natural Monument has elm (Ulmus macrocarpa), lunosemiannik liana (Menispermum dauricum), and other exotic plants. On the slopes there is a beautiful steppe with rock debris and small specimens of elm and Siberian apricot. The valley of the Onon River is home to a variety of insects. A monophagous leaf-beetle, Cryptocephalus eous, is commonly found on elm trees and a beautiful long-horn beetle, Rhynchites faldermanni, is found on apricot trees. The river valley is home to a rare Neuropteran insect, Mantispa lobata, which is included in the regional Red Book. The rare (Red Book species) Carabid beetle, Reflexisphodrus formosus, has been found on the bank of the Onon River, but I haven’t seen this species personally.

Local legend considers the Maly Bator as the burial place of Chingis-Khan. It’s told that his tomb was situated by a channel of the Onon River. Moreover, it is highly probable that Chingis-Khan was born near the Nizhniy Tsasuchey Town, which is situated on an opposite bank of the Onon River.

Maliy Bator (Little Knicht) Natural Monument.

Established in 1983.
Surface area: 5 hectares.
Localization: Aginsky District of Aginsky Buryat Autonomous District (Okrug).

"The tomb of Chingis-Khan"

Sunrise on the Onon River

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